What People Are saying About my Coaching

Shari L.

"Heidi made me aware of the importance of putting my health ahead of "being busy" and pleasing others in my life. I needed to make time to exercise more often than I was doing and to get more sleep and these areas along with eating from the anti-inflammatory foods lists are what I am still striving to do.  

When Heidi met with me every two weeks she helped me by asking how I thought I did with my "action items."  She was always encouraging me to push myself farther each time to reach my goals. 

I am thankful to have been able to learn these new skills from such a caring and encouraging person as Heidi Moore and I would recommend her as a coach to others."

Jess B.

"Heidi is a wonderful coach. She is very talented in taking my word vomit and extracting the key points to turn them into clear, concise thoughts. This leads to personal growth through the development of action steps based around issues that I have trouble articulating."

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Betty W.

"The most tangible change for me is less snacking at night; this really supports "resting my organs" which has positively affected important metabolic patterns like my blood sugar and cholesterol.  Happier discussions with my physician!  I also dropped a few pounds and identified challenging areas that require ongoing attention. 

I would describe Heidi as nonjudgemental, knowledgeable, experienced, kind and caring.

Thank you Heidi, especially for your patience and persevering support over the past year. You are an inspiration and I am determined to walk the walk!  And to engage your support in future when need be."