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You have goals!  

You want to live a long healthy life, do well at work and school and be the amazing person you know you can be!  

But why do you have such a hard time making lasting change?  What's keeping you stuck?

You need an integrative health coach that with knowledge, loving encouragement and inspiration can help you achieve a paradigm shift to transform your health and your world!

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An Integrative and Functional Approach to Health

The Science of Wellness

The science of physical and mental wellness has taken off in the past 10 years.  The research shows that our physical, emotional and mental health is only as strong as our gut health.  And that most disease and autoimmune conditions are rooted in the functioning of our gut microbiome.

Let me help you strengthen your gut microbiome so that you can make your body and brain the healthiest it can be!


You are an amazing individual!  The food, exercise and plan that works for one person may not work for you. Together you and I explore your family history, likes and dislikes, time, energy and schedule.  

Let me help you customize a program that takes advantage of your strengths as an individual with small, sustainable steps that move you closer to your goals!

Diet and the other pieces

Food is important.  But so is sleep, daily activity, the love and joy you have in your life, how you deal with stress, and your feelings of purpose and hopefulness about your future.  I can help you to integrate a healthy diet with a healthy mindset to make lifestyle choices that benefit you. 

Let's together optimize all the pieces for the goal of improving your health, energy, balance and happiness.


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